FightBox FightStick Customization Service

As a professional arcade game equipment manufacturer, we see personalized customization as the future trend in gaming peripheral. Therefore, we have optimized our production process to ensure that all our products can be personalized. We are committed to offering customers the fastest and highest quality personalized customization services using our existing product range.

FightStick Customization Service Process:

FightStick Customization Service Payment Item Link:

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FightStick Customization Service Showcase:

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1. I want to customize my controller panel with an artwork picture, how should I place an order?

Select the products you want to buy then add a Customization Service Payment Item ($10 value) to your cart along with uploading your artwork picture and submitting the order together.

2. I have purchased a FightBox controller before, and now I want to buy a custom artwork panel from you separately, how do I place an order?

It costs $40 including the shipping cost, you could add a Customization Service Payment Item ($10 value) to your cart along with uploading your artwork picture, change the amount of the items to 4, then submitting the order together. Don't forget to tell us your controller model with your order.

3. I would like to customize my controller button colors, is that possible?

It is available, but except for the standard color buttons, which we have plenty of stock, for other colors, please contact us to confirm the stock before placing an order.

4. I would like to buy a panel where I can place my own artwork paper, do you have such a panel?

All of our products have such panels, we call them DIY panels, because of the process cost, we need an additional $10 fee to provide this kind of panels, for users who buy with the controller. If you want to buy such a panel separately, the price will be $40 including shipping, and the purchase method has been mentioned earlier. please check this video to get idea for this type panel,

5. Can you provide the right hand version of the controller? That is, the directional controls are on the right hand side and the function action buttons are on the left hand side.

Yes, right-handed versions of all our existing products are available at no extra cost. All you need to do is leave a note for the right hand version when you place your order.

Please Send Your Customization Requirement: